Continuing Education Units
- "Certificate of Completion"

According to the National Association of Housing Professionals (NAHP), due to the constant changes in governmental rules and procedures, it requires a continuing effort by professional managers to remain current in all aspects of property and/or asset management. One "continuing education unit" (CEU) is equal to one hour of instruction/training. In order for an event to be considered as an eligible CEU, it must possess a published agenda and/or a specific topic area. Workshops, seminars and technical sessions can be used for continuing education if the event meets the above criteria. Events that are in conjunction with a trade show or association/organization event, may be eligible based on the description above. Mere attendance at a trade show or board meeting does not constitute continuing education. You may acquire all of the CEUs in a full-day event, or by accumulating the hours from various events that may be sponsored in a half-day or session format.