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TRACS 202D Class Description ($245.00/person):    

This (3) day 2hr seminar is designed to provide in-depth, practical knowledge for site personnel and corporate staff submitting to TRACS/CA/HFA as well as technical tips for avoiding and correcting potential program errors. It is designed for users who have a working knowledge of the 4350.3 HUD Handbook. Seminar topics include TRACS 202D review with best practices for TRACS 202D monthly processing, common TRACS 202D errors and solutions, resubmission and corrections to certifications and address records.  In addition they will also know the value of the Secure System as it relates to the 90% compliance threshold and new information on the EIV system, the new Student Rule, a complete understanding on the MAT file.

Check out the topics below that are covered in class:

New or expanded fields and codes
—iMAX TRACS Mailbox ID
—Owners DUNS Number
—Parent Company DUNS Number
—Owner Taxpayer Identification
—Parent Company Taxpayer Identification
—EIV Indicator
—Previous Housing codes
—Extenuating Circumstances Codes
—Relationship codes
—Eligibility Check Not Required
—Special Status codes
—Sex code values
—SSN Exception to Disclosure Requirement
—SSN Benefits Claim Number
—Rent Override flag
—TTP at RAD Conversion
—TTP Before Override field
—Secondary Subsidy Type Field
—Correction Type for Move Outs

New or expanded fields and codes
—Move Out codes
—Description Field for Move Outs
—Termination codes
—Description Field for Terminations
—Correction Type for Terminations
—Correction Type for Unit Transfers / Gross Rent changes

—Double Subsidy
—Unit Transfers
—Unit Transfer scenarios
—Move Out Effective Dates
—Move Out Effective Dates in cases of Death
—Security Deposits
—Implementation of Gross Rent Changes
—Signature Requirements for Gross Rent Changes – 50059A
—SSN Corrections
—T-Number Assignment
—Presidentially Declared Disasters
—Foster Guidance
—Messages via iMAX

The AUGUST 2014 release of TRACS 202D will provide the industry with much-needed enhancements to the TRACS submission process.  Not only did HUD update all TRACS forms, they also improved critical processes such as History Baselines and the Voucher submission We will provide an in-depth review of the changes and the best way to incorporate these changes during the six-month implementation period.