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Be Prepared for your next REAC Physical Inspections ($205.00/person):

This class will cover a short history of REAC and UPCS (Uniform Physical Condition Standards), property areas covered by UPCS Inspections and UPCS scoring system. Including short and long term preparation for inspection, explanation of what to do on inspection day and recent REAC/Industry communications.

This mix of abstract concepts and hands-on instruction serves as a comprehensive course for new front-line staff and as a useful refresher for experienced or supervisory staff.  The training is designed to be useful for pre-REAC inspection and covers the basic UPCS Inspections requirements, including:

  • Introduction to the REAC Physical Inspection
  • Understanding the REAC Physical Inspection
  • Preparing For a REAC Physical Inspection
  • The Physical Assessment Subsystem
  • Conducting and documenting an inspection
  • Significance of Federal, state, and local housing codes
  • REAC Physical Inspection process
  • Health and Safety Standards
  • Standards for buildings, units, exteriors, and common areas

After taking this class and you have followed these REACS standards you should be able to meet HUD's Public and Multifamily standards of being decent, safe and sanitary, and are in good repair.