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WASS Secure System Class Description ($175.00/person):    

HUDís Online Secure Systems provide a variety of tools for Property Managers, Owners, Agents and Service Bureaus of multifamily properties. To be able to access these tools, you must register as either a Coordinator or User. There is more information below about the different subsystems available through Secure Systems.

The purpose of this class is to provide a understanding of HUD’s Web Access Security Subsystem’s (WASS).  These systems such as EIV, TRACS, PASS and APPS will enable you and your staff to track your voucher payments, understand the 90% threshold, reconcile your HAP to the certifications in the TRACS database, provide tools to increase your MOR scores, and monitor the performance of your property portfolio.

The next release of TRACS 203A will provide the industry with much-needed enhancements to the TRACS submission process.  Not only did HUD update all TRACS forms, they also improved critical processes such as History Baselines and the Voucher submission We will provide an in-depth review of the changes and the best way to incorporate these changes during the six-month implementation period.