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EIV Use Policy and Procedure Manual ($295.00):

Thanks for contacting us about the EIV Use Policy Manual. This is a mandatory document for any property which utilizes the EIV system and is cause for a finding on your next MOR if you do not have one on file. Our EIV Policies and Procedures manual covers all of the HUD current EIV requirements as well as the proposed amendments including full implementation of EIV. Our headings are broken up based on HUD's requirements and are as follows:

(please see HUD Notice H2013-06 as a reference)

Section 504 Introduction Section 504 Security
Section 504 Privacy Act Compliance Section 504 Disclosure of EIV to Tenants
Section 504 EIV Usage Section 504 Repayment Agreements
Section 504 EIV Master File Section 504 How and When to Use Reports
Section 504 Staff Roles & Responsibilities Section 504 Discrepancy Procedures
Section 504 Reporting Improper Disclosures Section 504 EIV Date Use Policy
Section 504 EIV File Retention Section 504 EIV Frequently Asked Questions

We use this template because it's how we work with our clients at their sites; however, you are allowed to make changes to this document! I always suggest saving our original copy if you decide to make changes, that way you have something to fall back on. Our EIV USE Policy Manual is emailed in Word format for easy editing.

Avoid a finding on your MOR by purchasing our all-encompassing EIV Use Policy and Procedure Manual which covers the mandatory requirements and use of the EIV system.

Please note: Our EIV Use Policy Manual was created using industry policies which have been issued by HUD to reduce and/or eliminate findings on your next Management and Occupancy Review. This manual does not, however, imply or guarantee that when your Contract Administrator / Asset Manager performs an actual Management and Occupancy Review, they will not have questions or apply differing interpretations of policies due to the inconsistency and countless interpretations that exist among HUD, the PBCA’s, and in the Affordable Housing Industry in general.

Variability in citations/comments is a common occurrence within the industry, and is beyond anyone’s control.  Please review this manual in it’s entirety and apply the policies included herein, into your daily operations to successfully minimize any findings you may encounter during your review.