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Maintenance and Work Order Policy and Procedure Manual ($150.00):

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This P&P is to aid in managing the maintenance function in the most cost effective manner possible while maximizing the useful life of the property and the units while striving to provide the best service to our residents. The following policy statements are designed to establish the structure of an effective and efficient maintenance system.

The Maintenance Policy and Procedures Manual was designed and produced for limited maintenance policies in effect. The policies and procedures may be modified to adapt to each particular business need.

Maintenance and Work Order Policy and Procedures Manual has "answers" and shows you:

  • How to set up and run your maintenance department in today's fast-paced and highly competitive business environment.
  • How to implement the four objectives every maintenance department must aim for.
  • How to manage the 13 functions of a maintenance department.
  • How to start and run a complete maintenance work order and call order system.
  • How to make your Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Plans work.

This manual is for the property manager, maintenance manager, maintenance supervisor, or the facilities engineer!

Section 504 Prioritization of Work Section 504 Work Order System
Section 504 Comprehensive Work Procedures Section 504 Skills Updates and Training
Section 504 Performance Standards and Goals Section 504 Long Range Planning
Section 504 Contracting for Services Section 504 Maintaining the Property
Section 504 Staff Roles & Responsibilities Section 504 Discprepancy Procedures
Section 504 Unit Turnover Section 504 Move-out Inspections
Section 504 Preventative Maintenance Section 504 Inventory and Materials Management

Our Maintenance and Work Order Policy and Procedure Manual is emailed in Word format for easy editing.

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