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This Unit Inspection Policy is to give the propective applicant or existing tenant what your expections are when it comes to unit inspections. Preserving the useful life of the property and the units while striving to provide the best service to our residents.

Section 504 Timing Section 504 Work Order's
Section 504 Comprehensive Unit Inspection Procedures Section 504 Assessment of Normal Wear & Tear vs. Damages
Section 504 Performance Standards and Goals Section 504 Long Range Planning
Section 504 Contracting for Services Section 504 Maintaining the Appliances
Section 504 Staff Roles & Responsibilities Section 504 Move-in Inspections
Section 504 Unit Turnover Section 504 Move-out Inspections
Section 504 Preventative Maintenance Section 504 Inventory and Materials Management

Our Unit Inspection Policy is emailed in Word format for easy editing.

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