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About AHTCS Online

Affordable Housing Training and Consulting Services, LLC (AHTCS, LLC.) is located in Essex Junction, in the beautiful state of Vermont.  AHTCS, LLC was specifically created to provide Training and Consulting services for the HUD Multifamily Housing industry participants.  Our job is to assist the owners of affordable housing property and their management staff in their continuance of HUD compliance, in accordance with their specific contract and funding program requirements. 

Our services are designed to meet the specific requirements of our customers and may include the following services for properties with Section 8 Assistance:
  • File audits
  • Compliance training and workshops
  • As-needed consulting services based on an annual fee
  • Recommendations of housing industry best practices
  • Customized classes
We have developed an excellent working relationship with our customers, including Owners, Management Agents, affordable housing industry organizations, and HUD.


Evan S. Einhorn, President and founder of Affordable Housing Training & Consulting Services, LLC (AHTCS, LLC.), is a leader in affordable housing training for the multifamily industry. Mr. Einhorn, who brings with him over 25 years of experience in the affordable housing industry,  previously served as a senior Customer Support Representative and then as a Trainer for Realpage, one of the industry leaders in HUD-compliant software, as well as Training Manager at one of the nation’s largest service bureaus in the industry, EPS. 

In the past twenty six years, Mr. Einhorn has conducted hundreds of instructor-led classroom trainings all across the nation.  He and his company now strive to achieve the same success in an attempt to conserve energy, while delivering online content to the HUD multifamily industry.  “I have spent many years traveling the nation to perform regional trainings.  In that time span I spent countless time in traffic, flying in the air and staying at hotels and, to add insult to injury, had the attendees sometimes go through the same.  I printed thousands of training manuals without thinking about the carbon foot print that I was creating.”  e-Learning can only be part of the solution to conserving our world’s natural resources. At the same time Mr. Einhorn is able to assist in educating the industry to which he has been so dedicated.  He has worked with many of the HUD online systems such as TRACS, EIV, the submission of HUD Special Claims, voucher recovery, as well as file audits of affordable housing properties.  The company’s slogan is “The Green Way to Learn” and in that vein we are working diligently to create a new curriculum that will achieve the educational needs of our clients while showing how they can perpetuate the “green” way of doing business.  Classes are now being created to show how properties can save natural resources and operate in a more cost-efficient manner.

Evan Einhorn, TRACS Trainer

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best training services to the affordable housing industry through passion for teaching and quality/compliance of our training material.  We will continue to refine our quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, and elevate the superior level of customer service we now provide to perpetuate the standard of excellence we have set in the industry.


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