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Best Practices

Best Practices - are defined as practical techniques gained from practical experience that may be used to improve the monthly process.  Some examples:

ALWAYS make sure that you write everything down…who you spoke to, what the problem was and what the solution was (if there was one).  Every one should have a notebook with tabs which shows problems and solutions; whether it be hardware, HUD compliance software, HUD Handbook 4350.3, TRACS, Special Claims, iMAX, EIV issues, anything that you feel deserves a section, create one!

If the person you are speaking with are belittling you or just being curt, just ask to speak with someone else.  If you don’t understand what the other person told you, don’t be afraid to have them explain it again.  Remember, you want the information, no matter what it takes!

If you have to leave a message or send a fax to tech support, HUD or the Multifamily Helpdesk, make sure you give them all of the pertinent information, such as your full name, property name, phone number, account ID and the times you will or will not be available to receive a return call. 

Also remember as frustrated as you are with what you are doing, it’s usually not the fault of the person trying to help you.  As I wouldn't want you to put up with anyone speaking curtly, I would expect you to treat the person on the other end with the same respect.  “You get more bees with honey!”

Back-ups - Make a backup of your data before you try to fix things on your own or before you call for help.

Please take advantage of the resources that are available to you!!

There are a lot of resources that either people are not aware of, or they feel they are too busy……I could go on and on.  The truth of the matter is, if you don’t take the time to acquaint your self with these resources, you could be forever in the dark.  If you have ever walked around and thought “My co-worker knows everything about TRACS”, there is no reason you can’t know just as much if not more.  Stay in tune with the TRACS Discussion Forum, the RHIIP newsletter, HUD Announcement page from the TRACS home page. Take the initiative!!

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